Saturday, 5 March 2016

Being tidy?

I have a visitor arriving next week.
It's been some time since I've had anyone to stay in the house so I'm not really geared to this.
It is concentrating the mind wonderfully.
Sitting up in bed I can see my dressing table covered with spray cans, pots of cream, curly white dog collars, jewellery stands...what I can't see is any space to put anything further down!
The spare room has the same problem.
Returning from a cruise I put everything on the chest of drawers.....ready to go again.
This works well for me. It means I don't forget stuff like spare cables for recharging, old plugs, wet wipes, sun hats , sun block, the list is endless!
It is also very untidy!
Downstairs isn't too bad, unless you go into my office!
Arghhh! Prayer books, hymn books, service sheets, the list is endless. All the paraphernalia of the clergy lies within easy reach. But looks very untidy.
The dining room and the kitchen look reasonable...ish. But the bottom line is that living alone has made me into a slob!
There is not time between now and Monday to get some order into the I will just have to shrug my shoulders and hope for the best.
Why does it take the arrival of another human being to make me aware of my failings....
I am tidier now than I was as a young woman...but that's no excuse...not really....
So I'd better get up and get on with a bit of tidying......but not too much or I'll never find anything ever again.....and that's the main reason for it all being out....if it's in plain sight I can't lose it.....or spend hours looking for it!
Memo to self.
Think twice or even three times before issuing any invitations in the future!

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  1. No. DON'T go that way. That's how we end up with old people who are found six months dead in a house that needs the Council to clear and sanitize.
    A real friend will bear with "work in progress" on tidying. And I find it's less stressful to have Things in Places, easier to find when they're always in the same place and the strays can't hide if there's no clutter to burrow behind :-)
    (But even so I don't feel tidy enough to have a paid cleaner...)

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