Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Dangerous diary!

I've been listening on the radio to the diary of a young man living in a town governed by IS.
It is depressing in the extreme!
New small rules are introduced almost daily!
It is an alarming indication of the mindset of those intent on control.
Women must be completely covered in public. Any failure in this field brings instant retribution.
A new rule forbids anyone to smoke. This along with the no alcohol rule means no release from the tension and fear grows daily.
The punishments for even small infringements of the rules range from being lashed to being beheaded!
It is no wonder people are fleeing from this regime!
Sharia law is being used as a means of subjugation of whole populations .
It must be very scary to live daily with the threat of terrifying punishment for even small infringements.
For those who blog, who try to represent life as it currently is , it must be terrifying in the extreme!
And yet they do it. The need to show the world what is happening is actually stronger than the fear of being caught!
I find myself praying for those who put their lives in danger daily in order to speak the truth.
Lord hear my prayer!

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