Sunday, 6 March 2016

Indoctrination of the young.

One of the scariest thing about the present pictures from Syria is showing children being trained from birth to hate and to kill.
It's all too easy to indoctrinate the very young. We have been doing it for years!
Training them to kill though is different. Where no moral code exists then to excite , to introduce violence at an early age to small boys could actually do what IS wants to see happen!
It's like something from a comic fiction cartoon. Except that it's real. It seems to be happening as pictures in today's news papers point out!
Children are capable of massive belief. I have always been impressed by the strength of faith found in some children. But teaching them love, joy and hope , still found in primary schools in this country despite all the syllabuses sent out from the department of Education , does still have a place in education today.
I know from personal experience that even small children have the capacity for deep awareness of the values of Christian teaching along with joy and the delight of beauty in all its expressions.
But the reverse is also obviously true.
A child raised with others, with no awareness of goodness, of kindness, of no appreciation of beauty of any kind is potentially a destructive force to be reckoned with.
Whole armies of them could do massive damage where ever they went with no fear of reprisals as they die a martyrs death.
Be afraid. Be very afraid. I am!

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