Monday, 7 March 2016


It is Spring in Cornwall today! We all know that it could be winter again quite soon but just for now it is Spring!
The moles have been out celebrating ......a large new hill has appeared right in the middle of the lawn.....some strategic planning there by the looks of it!
I have one bright red rose still blooming from last year. Great fat buds are appearing everywhere. I want to rejoice but then I remember all those poor people with no where to live, out on the road full of hope, looking for a good place to settle!
What has started to strike me as I listen to the morning news is how well many of the migrants speak English. I am assuming they have also learned German and French...they seem to have been preparing for this amazing trek to get to a better place for years!
No one could blame them in their attempts to escape the harsh conditions at home and the sheer numbers involved is astonishing.
As the weather improves across Europe it is inevitable I think that some of them will attempt to cross the seas to get here...the loss of life in the Mediterranean last year was appalling...
So joy in the new life apparent all around us will be felt also by those for whom this country is Shangri-La.
If there is a solution for the migrant problem it has not yet become apparent. But as well as taking joy in the return of warmer weather I pray also for those who have no home...whose main aim is to find a place of safety for their families..
It feels wrong to welcome them into our small island in great numbers but the alternative is too terrible to contemplate!
Lord hear our prayer that some sort of solution be found that saves lives as well as protecting our own families...
We need the wisdom of Solomon to solve this one I'm afraid!

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