Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Out to lunch!

Planning a day is taking military precision.
My friend goes home on Friday so it's a question of what to leave out as we can't see everything!
Much of course depends on the weather. I am reading the forecasts more in hope than seeking direction...
The sun is due out around mid day.....
Yesterday was dark and misty.....very atmospheric but not Cornwall at its glorious best!
So today I'm thinking of places that will show off its best features...
Two very good restaurants have terraces that look out to the debate lies somewhere in between!
In recent days one of our local beaches has been voted amongst the ten top beaches of the world, taking its place between Honolulu and California...
Even without their weather it is pretty that is where I'm aiming for.....I think.....
Here on the south coast of Cornwall we don't often have the right conditions for surfing....the north coast takes the full force of the Atlantic rollers....and as a young woman I was out taking full advantage of them!
The contrast now is stark.....finding places to sit and look at all that tantalising sea, remembering wonderful days with my children is a joy but having no possibility of being able to join in occasionally catches me in painful memory!
We have showered.....not without some dodgy moments but all we have to do now is take a decision.
And even that's getting harder!

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  1. I hope the weather won't let you down Jean. Here it has been pouring since yesterday evening and it is very very cold. I suppose if my shower was in the state yours appears to be all I would have to do would be to step outside for 2 minutes.
    Perhaps you could use your influence with 'im upstairs and get something done about restoring the sunshine.

    1. Not sure I have that sort of influence Ray but the sun here did arrive at mid day ! It's still cold but at least the sea is azure again.....

  2. Looking at the reports from Cornwall, the weather has been a little rumbustuous to say the least I do hope you and your friend have stayed safe, the house is undamaged and that you have not lost your electricity supply
    I have just attended my 3rd funeral of the year.

  3. We had a miserable day in North Kent with continuous rain and high winds until late afternoon - when it changed and we saw some sun - but still bitterly cold. Obviously, we're blaming Cornwall :)