Thursday, 17 March 2016

Parliament as entertainment.

I watched the budget yesterday on my iPad as I ironed , cooked and tidied.
Being able to cart the small pad around with me as I get on with the jobs that need doing is a small miracle. I even watched as I ate my lunch.
The world we now live in makes this not only possible but common place .
Actual miracles happen all the time. Well of course we know that it's technology not magic but it does sometimes feel as though we have travelled into a sort of wonderland.
As a child who used a slate and chalk when I started school at five years old it really does feel miraculous that I can watch what is happening in London in Parliament here in deepest Cornwall.
The entire world has changed beyond any belief.
The budget felt like a bit of a romp!
From tampons to sugary drinks it didn't feel as though the Chancellor was taking it seriously.
I was much more impressed by the leader of the Opposition who was.
But in the end it occurred to me that what is serious, how our economy is managed for the good of us all has become a sort of show!
Everyone sitting on the front bench played to the young man has made it his business to sit and smirk at the camera every time it picks him up!
The array of men and women who are our elected members of Parliament are a diverse group of people...but mostly they just looked bored.
I found it riveting viewing however specially the attempts of the speaker to maintain order on an unruly group of people...some of them don't appear to understand that they are under scrutiny.
As entertainment it was a good politics I am not too sure...this set of hopeful MPs all hoping to be Prime Minister one day have begun their campaigns a little early!

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