Thursday, 31 March 2016

Spring cleaning!

The sun is up this morning and with no wind I am hoping for some warmer weather!
Looking back on last year I was astonished to find pictures of the garden showing great fat buds on everything. My ornamental pear tree tree was full of glorious blossom.
We are a long way behind this year...
Once the temperature rises it should all start to happen again but in the meanwhile there are the birds.
The dear little things are nesting and some are dashing about feeding their families.
My car, parked close to a hedge was covered in their white droppings yesterday.
I couldn't witness that without having to do something about it.
I do not possess a bucket!
I looked in the garden bucket. No bucket in the house or the barn...
Finally I found an old washing up bowl left over from the time before dish washers!
Out I went with soapy water and a sponge...a small kitchen sponge was all I could find.
It came off fairly easily!
After a cup of coffee I went back out to smile at my clean car....and they'd done it again! The blessed birds seemed to have found a new perching place.
This time I got in, took it down into the village and getting home I parked it well away from the hedge! And cleaned it again.....
This morning I'm fairly reluctant to check it out just in case.......
I prefer my signs of Spring to be flowers...not white streaks!

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