Tuesday, 8 March 2016

To shower or not to shower?

There is nothing like having a visitor to make me aware of the peculiarities of my house!
Trying to explain the paving stones in the hall was a doddle until we got to the shower.
There are two showers in this house. One is upstairs in the bathroom. The other is down stairs by the loo in my office! ( I have said it's odd I think)
The upstairs one showers the floor extremely efficiently. A mop thing directs the water into a drain plug!
Trying to explain how this works proves hard when I remember the days when David, already sick used to let the water out onto the landing fairly regularly.....
My visitor opted for the easier option downstairs.....ahem!
After a bit of a struggle all was sorted but I suspect my friend may opt for being slightly dirty from now on!
Finding a bar of soap was my first task this morning. I have been given loads of soap in the past but I seem to have given them all to jumble sales because non came easily to hand....the liquid stuff in bottles had to be pressed literally into action!
And we haven't had breakfast yet!
I am uncomfortably aware that I have let everything slide during the last years....so I am using the old excuse.....I am an old woman! Damm it!

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  1. Join the club. Our shower stopped working a year ago. Getting it repaired would mean a new Bathroom.... so now, we manage with one of those attachment things on the mixer tap - entirely unsatisfactory, but a new bathroom at the moment is lower priority than rewiring and redecorating.