Saturday, 16 April 2016


I am aging fast. Very fast right now it seems though maybe I'm just noticing it more!
M hair is still more mouse than grey but the grey bits are much more extensive. I am telling myself that they look distinguished! Ha!
The worst bits are the upper arms...
For some time now I have avoided sleeveless tops but now I regret that I may not swim this year as it involves revealing the scrawny old woman who has taken the place of the plumpish one!
Because I can no longer sit for hours in the sun the previously exposed bits are no longer brown and greyish flesh is not a good look!
Pale has never been a good option for me...but somehow using fake tan feels much too self indulgent!
The worst bit though is still my lack of muscle....
I try to walk properly every day but fail fairly frequently if the weather is poor.
My tiny appetite means that I'm slimish for the first time in years....this is the only good part of the aging process!
Ano domini fast approaching does concentrate the mind wonderfully...and hopefully the brain is still in reasonably good nick!
I still play games daily...I read a lot and write my blog!
Use it or lose it seems to apply to the brain as well as the body but this means a conscious effort on my part which feels far too self absorbed!
What ever growing old involves it's something we all have to deal with if we are the survivors...
But we don't have to grow old gracefully if we don't want too!
I'm working on it!

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Ray Barnes said...

Been there, done that, wearing daily the ragged tea shirt.
Age doesn't happen at a given date or number of years, for me it is a flexible thing sometimes only too apparent, and at other times seemingly invisible.
The day you feel your age is a burden and not a blessing is the beginning of the countdown. Yes we need to cover up bits of us that don't look so good and yes we do have to work harder to look good but it is worth the effort. Even just to hear "You really don't look your age". Or, was that last one just my imagination. :-)

Babs said...

I tell all and sundry that you are ok till you get to 70 years, after that it's like being on a pair of ski's going downhill fast!