Monday, 11 April 2016

Ancient friendships!

I was out with a very old friend last night. We worked out that the friendship had lasted 40 it's something to celebrate and we did!
He had brought me a carefully wrapped present and I found inside it a framed photograph of my nearest church at St Just in Roseland.
I gazed at it and recognised it was the picture that used to hang in my dentists room!
As you prepared for the drill all you saw was this black and white picture of glorious beauty, the church tower stark against the water in the creek. It was very soothing.
I laughed when I saw was a picture taken by the first David.
My friend, now a retired dentist had carefully saved it knowing that this picture would be important to me on several different levels...
Oddly at the time it was taken neither of us had any way of knowing that I would become a priest and that the church I would be at would be this one. It was the church where I mourned my first husband . It's also five minutes away from where I now live.
Life has played strange tricks on us all but this picture will always be important to me on several different levels...
Thank you David, my ex dentist Richard and God.

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