Friday, 22 April 2016

Beam me up Scotty!

I don't remember April ever having been so's not just the people dying or even the weather, there is just a cloud hanging around that's proving hard to shift!
Some of it is politics.
I keep hearing people complaining that Obama has a nerve trying to tell us what to do in this country whilst doing very little in his own! Poor man!
Here we have only the dimmest notion of how American politics work....and I keep trying to explain that if a president has lost control of the governing bodies he heads up then there's not much he could have done!
Having said that, my grasp of the electioneering process across the pond is only gleaned from episodes of "West Wing" and one or two other dramas!
So I could be completely wrong!
That does not stop me from pontificating however!
I have this week been reassured by two different people that global warming is a myth perpetuated by people trying to bring big business to heel!
It is certainly not warm here!
The weather continues on its down hill spiral...a few pleasant days are followed by more gloom, wind and rain!
They tell me, these friends of mine that the present spiral of warming is much like the one after one of the ice ages when trees grew on the area now known as the Sahara!
I have no idea either way.....much the same as the vote for who our police commissioner should be! Since I know nothing of either of the men currently running how can I possibly know who to vote for?
Politics, global warming, daft arguments on the TV.... It's all both interesting and confusing but it is taking our minds off the problems of refugees and Isis!
Beam me up please Lord....but not just yet!

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