Saturday, 30 April 2016

Birds behaving badly.

The birds round here are acting very strangely! I have no idea why!
Every morning this week I have found their droppings all over my car! Last week I chopped the nearby hedge back hoping to avoid going out every morning with my bucket and sponge! It didn't stop them. They continued .
Yesterday small birds I've failed to identify properly were hurtling against my windows, even my upstairs windows, they don't sit still long enough for me to compare them to pictures in my book!
Some sort of tit is my best guess.
Several times yesterday I heard a tapping on the glass front door and rushed to see who my visitor was. There was no one there so I'm assuming the birds were my visitors!
It's all very odd!
I have now moved my car from its original position by the hedge. It now sits between my house and barn and a quick trip downstairs has reassured me that the birds have left it alone but as I went through the front door I startled two birds who flew off screeching into the large chestnut tree nearby!
I've lived here over ten years now...I've never had this problem before. When we had two cars parked outside we didn't have to clean off the droppings very often! The odd splash went unremarked!
What is causing this strange bird behaviour! Is it just here or are other people finding the local birds behaving badly?
It's a bit warmer outside this morning. If they were trying to get a bit warmer in the house maybe they'll settle down outside now....Spring is happening all over the this odd bird behaviour just some sort of Spring madness or are they celebrating something? What ever the explanation I hope it all settles down very soon!

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  1. Having wasted a morning watching my birds who are still banging into my windows with energetic determination I have delved through several bird books and they seem to be red backed shrike! They are nesting in the fir hedge opposite my window , newly arrived from Africa. Perhaps that's why they are so confused!