Sunday, 24 April 2016

Boudicca in Falmouth.

I live high on a cliff looking out to a stretch of water which is not proper is the start of the river Fal. This estuary has Falmouth sitting on it. It is one of the deepest harbours in the world and is always busy!
Great ships of all kinds arrive to load up or to take on fuel and go again.
Over the years I've seen lots of boats arriving but although cruise boats do occasionally get here  it's usually the more hard working plus some navy ships that moor up . It's where the tall ships sit before setting off and on some days the view from here is very spectacular.
This morning I can see a large cruise ship sitting quietly discharging its passengers!
I hope they have all had a good cruise. I know several of them!
The good ship Boudicca was one I had booked myself on originally. They guaranteed to send a car to pick you up if you lived within fifty miles.
I ultimately cancelled my reservation after realising that it was going to all the places I'd visited at Christmas.
I really didn't need to visit Madeira again after both the New Year fireworks followed by two weeks in I pulled out.
The number of people who have gently told me off for having failed to go through with my original intention have been extraordinary so I look forward to hearing their accounts with interest.
In the meanwhile from my bedroom window I see the great ship lying at peace looking close enough to touch....but this is just an illusion. I know that onboard there will be a great mass of people being gently disembarked and taxis will take them off very soon.
I will wave her off when she glides out of the harbour binoculars are at the ready!
Boudicca was the one that got away....but the next cruise goes in June....looking forward to it!

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