Monday, 18 April 2016

Brexit vote!

I am getting very bored. Every morning I listen to claim and counter claim on either leaving or staying with the EU.
They say the same thing more or less each time! We will either be much better off if we leave the common market or we will be wonderfully well off if we stay.
Ok, I get the need for a reasoned, well developed argument...
But it's still two months away!
Have we not started this campaign a bit soon?
Everyone joining in with statistics on leaving or staying seem to be arguing as though it's imminent!
On many of the statistics I am left cold anyway and I suspect that this applies to quite a lot of us!
But we have months of this to go!
For me I am turning to the only real argument that matters.
We have not been at war with our European partners since we joined. This is an achievement worth fighting for!
Growing up during the last war by grandparents who talked a lot about the first war I value this period of peace when all quarrels are conducted in the European Parliament rather than on the battlefields!
I may be taking this line in defence of my sanity...the urge to simply turn off the radio in the morning when yet another argument is aired is growing stronger daily.
As an electorate we are surely more likely to vote sensibly if we haven't been bored into submission by then.
But the biggest argument for not leaving is looking at those who are campaigning most vigorously.
Putting your own political ambitions in front of the needs of the country seems too cynical even for a politician!
Give us a break chaps....a months hiatus from campaigning would be great!
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UKViewer said...

We're treble bored. We have elecctions for:

The London Assembly.

The London Mayor.

And the BREXIT disccussions alongside each other. We're bombared with personal mail from each election candidate for the mayor and now the London Assembly candidates are getting into the act.

We're getting emails from conservative, Labour, LibDem and Green part, which can be marked as spam - meaning future receipts are at least deleted from the timeline.

Now, this lot are taking to social media. Various groups, run by well meaning people including Christians For Europe and Christians against anything, particularly Europe are out there.

Totally distraction and annoying and time taken to delete, ignore or recycle really interrupting my daily naps :(

Ray Barnes said...

I agree that those who most strongly advocate leaving are sufficient reason to vote to stay in.
When a political broadcast is announced I simply change the channel and if I hear the word Brexit I turn off any appliance TV Radio or other who used it.
The sages of Westminster appear to think that drowning us in words will do the trick. We'll see.

UKViewer said...

I'm getting a bit bolshie now. If someone posts something on my facebook timeline connected with BREXIT, block them- I might lose friends, but I don't want to be preached at on the rights or wrongs until I've had time to digest my own thoughts on it all.

No wonder people don't engage with politics - they're bored stiff by it all.