Friday, 8 April 2016

Chaos by blog!

I am told, by more than one person that yesterday's blog caused some anxiety if not actual chaos for which I apologise.
It appears that the email I got telling me my esta had been cancelled was not about my new passport but my old one...which is now defunct!
Friends planning a trip to America rushed round to check their passports!
Fortunately they then emailed me to tell me that the symbol on the front of the passport showing a symbol like a camera with a bar through it means that yes it is micro chipped! Hurrahs all round!
The timing here was important but all it means is that I can contemplate crossing the pond again with no further anxiety.
Officialdom plus some timing issues struck again!
The reality though now is that I can settle down with all the various cruise invitations with impunity . It's not that I'm actually booking anything much but it's very good to imagine what is possible.
The other good thing is that my old passport is returned to me separate from the new one with its corner chopped off and I can sit and remember.
The number of stamps from all the countries visited over the last ten years is wonderful!
When I still lived up country I actually had a passport with no stamps in it at all....we simply came here on holiday several times a year and as yet no passports are asked for to get into Cornwall!
My old passport , together with David's nestles in my safe box and will I know be a solace and a joy when I reach that place in my life when travelling is not possible any more...hopefully many years ahead!
I hope this post has not caused the chaos that yesterday's did!

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