Thursday, 21 April 2016

Death really isn't fair!

It was a small shock yesterday to hear that Victoria Wood had died at only 62!
I had enjoyed her performances immensely throughout the years and this was not just because we spoke the same language!
She was brought up close to where I was and when she first appeared on my TV I realised that we'd been on nodding acquaintance for most of my school days!
My first husband drank in the same pub as her is a pretty closed circle up there in the nether reaches of Lancashire!
We were never friends, just people who nodded at each other from time to time.
Her performances on the TV were just wonderful! My favourite was her rendition of "Let do it!" I heard it with several variations on the theme over the years!
I asked after her on a recent cruise when a common friend appeared. All was well I was told but clearly it wasn't!
She is a real loss to the entertainment business but for many of us much more than that for her doubty common sense and quirky humour.
She shone. a beacon of light into some of the darker corners of life and showbiz...always with humour and joy!
Rest in peace Victoria! Go on making them laugh up there!

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