Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Forced Academies!

In what parallel world is it believed that forcing people into a course of action they have previously discarded is a good and necessary thing?
The schools minister, Nicki Morgan is quoted as saying that she doesn't want to leave the job half done!
Turning every school in Britain into an academy sounds like the sort of desperation usually only found in asylums. Schools have had so many new rules and syllabuses visited upon them in the last years that they are already reeling from all the enforced paper work demanded of them . Data rules now.
The sort of gifted teacher who inspires, who taught with love and devotion the children before them daily has been replaced by those for whom filling out forms daily is a doddle, but not many of those exist now, they were driven out of the job they loved by Gove during his stint as the minister for Education.
Many dedicated teachers have left but many are still in place, trying to protect their pensions whilst doing their best to inspire and to educate in a system burdened with a straight jacket of small detailed rules.
Forcing those schools who have chosen not to take the money previously offered as incentives to join is quite simply wrong.
If parents, teachers and governors have voted to remain with the local authorities then it goes against any democratic sensibilities in a very big way. I am no longer a school governor now but I care desperately for those who are and who are having  the decision taken away from them...
This is a step too far......and many Conservative MPs seem to recognise this. I pray that common sense steps into this mess and the urge to force change is quelled!

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  1. I am afraid we will be stuck with this incompetent self-serving apology for a government until 2020.
    Their objective seems to be to sell off everything they can, including selling the NHS piecemeal.