Thursday, 14 April 2016

Hairy eye lids!

We have gone from winter to Spring in a couple of days and my garden is bearing glorious testimony to it! Stuff that looked dead a week ago has greened up. Blossom has appeared. The dear little moles are celebrating in fine style!
And the hay fever is bad!
Joy at the regeneration apparent everywhere is tinged with various signals that all is not right in my world!
I am sneezing. I am itching.
The new thing for this year are my eyes reaction!
The eyes themselves are Ok...I think. It is what surrounds them .
The eyelids, the area above the eyes are all bright scarlet!
I am assuming it's the usual....pollen affects me most years but I've never had this one before!
I have put a mild steroid cream on them to calm them down a bit! I know this is not recommended.
When I asked my doctor some years ago why I couldn't use a steroid cream on the face he told me sternly that it thinned the skin and encouraged hair to grow!
I replied then that I could live with hairy eye lids as the price for not itching!
So it's the same today!
instead of being out celebrating the return of Spring I am inside peering anxiously at my red blotches and smoothing them with forbidden substances. If they grow hair it can only be an improvement on their present appearance.

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  1. You don't say what medication you use for your hay-fever Jean, but it may be that you need a combination of treatments,
    I use Beconase nasal inhaler, anti histamine tablets and eye drops. (kept in the fridge they cool the eyes).
    Other than that moisturiser gentle and neutral for the lids might work.
    I know I'm probably teaching you to suck eggs but staying out of the garden (and sun) in early morning and late evening is also a good idea.
    Good luck and blessings.

  2. I used to be prescribed steroid cream for skin rashes and red eyes when they discovered that they were due to a skin disorder. I now use a specific medicated soap and rarely suffer symptoms now.