Saturday, 9 April 2016

Lucky man!

The news this morning about our Archbishop has struck several chords with me.
To find so late in life that your father was not the person who actually brought you up could throw someone completely off course!
Not in his case it seems.
His words reported this morning reveal a man secure in his relationship with his mother and his God.
The news also that his early life was spent with someone battling alcoholism also struck chords with me.
He was lucky in that his mother obviously succeeded in her fight to stay dry for most of her life!
Luck does plays a large part in all this. The revelation shows a well balanced , well adjusted man , easy in his relationships with everyone concerned!
My first thought this morning was....lucky man!
I have wished several times during my life that my father might prove not to be my father!
Being brought up by an abusive alcoholic was not for me a comfortable experience and I would love to find out that I am not really his daughter even though that would change nothing now.
As a teenager though I sometimes indulged in a personal fantasy where someone else turned up to claim paternity.
Who our parents were matters in our childhood. Once we are grown up, our own characters define us.
The common factor is God....who has always been present in my life...which makes me very lucky too!

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