Saturday, 2 April 2016

New picture.

After a week away I had some pressing errands to do in the village on Monday.
I had also seen that there was an exhibition on in St Mawes of paintings by an artist I greatly admire.
I have one of her pictures and it is very striking indeed and hangs on the wall of my office where she spotted it when she came to talk about her daughters wedding some years ago.
"You've got one of my pictures" she was astonished!
This is a lady who paints in pastels...wax based pastels. Anyone who has tried to use these colouring sticks will know just how difficult it is to produce anything that doesn't look messy..and is difficult to handle as the wax colours hands, and anything else around the place they come into contact with.
I had assumed that the exhibition was in the village hall but on opening the door I found about 40 women doing all happens here in St Mawes.
I assumed the exhibition had finished and got into my car. On the way from the car park I saw a big notice...I had looked in the wrong I turned the car around, reparked and went in.
There I found several old friends and some wonderful pictures...amazing colours, vibrant and very inviting.
Having talked to the artist who is coping wonderfully well with a serious illness I bought one of her pictures...
Getting it onto the wall was the problem...moving one other picture to get it up took a lot of energy....and I feared that in the process I would damage something!
The effort was worth it...
Unfortunately it now reflects the light from the windows .
But you get the picture!
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