Friday, 1 April 2016

No sense of humour!

I'm not keen on April Fools day as a cursory look at my Timehop app shows....
I thought they had mixed me up with someone else when dreamy pics of Justin Bieber appeared!
Then I got to the real memories of difficult days in school, jokes being played on the unwary...they all duly appeared so there is no danger of my not realising that we are now in April.
The jokes has been on us this the shape of nesting birds, snapped off branches all over the ground...and no real signs of Spring yet.
It's still quite chilly out there I'm afraid and my gardener is actually grumbling that the grass doesn't need cutting just yet!
By this time it's usually in full swing, moles allowing!
My body is grumbling as I move, my scowl / laughter lines are grass isn't growing...
And yet...and is still good...all I have to do is ignore the date....maybe I could just doze through the day....
I do have things that need to be done though so it's time to start to be dynamic again.....Spring cleaning does a spot of procrastination...
I shall ignore the date with a couple of expletives. "Bah, humbug"
That feels better!

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