Monday, 25 April 2016

Rat catchers!

An early phone call from a friend asked me for advice. He had a mouse chasing around his sitting room last night. As he is without a cat what should he do?
This man seems not to have had this problem before!
I recounted the tale from my childhood of the day I went to play with my dolls house and found it inhabited by several mice!
My mother caught them in some sticky stuff and drowned them! I remembered how they was not a pleasant experience!
When I lived in Chelmsford and had mice the local authority sent along a rat catcher...even though we didn't have all came under the same heading.....and he very efficiently cured the problem, leaving a poison under the bath to prevent any further infestation.
None of this was in any way helpful to my friend who was going off this morning to get some traps!
I am not sure how common this problem is now.
Here , the old farmhouse would be very attractive to any rodent I suspect...with lots of interesting corners to explore...but so far so good! I am trying not to let my mind go there!
What I do want to know though is, do the council still send out the rat catcher if needed?
It's not a problem I have at present but as I no longer have my dog or my cat in the house I have to accept that it could possibly be a problem in the future!
Answers on a postcard please!

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  1. Jen found a mouse in our Kitchen cupboard the other day. I ran out under where a pipe goes through the wall, not stopped up. How it survived we don't know, as we have 9 cats who are eager to catch them. Only that morning one brought in an half eaten mouse as a present for us. We don't believe in killing them, so will try to catch it and put it out into the field behind our house, where it probably came from in the first place.

    But no sign of droppings, so we're hoping that it has learned that it's not safe here.