Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Space reclaimed!

It's taken a while...over two years but I am now ready to start to use my dear David's space!
Since he died I have avoided using his dressing room where all his bits and pieces were kept.
I now use it as my ironing room..which works...
In this idiosyncratic house are two showers and two bathrooms so naturally we designated them...one each!
My bathroom is attached to my office...it's very useful to have separate facilities when being visited by elderly people.
Until this morning though I have always had my morning shower downstairs...
This time however the moment had arrived when I had to try out the upstairs shower...David's in other words!
This one is not in a cubicle like mine....it is in a corner of a large bathroom and the water drains away into a hole in the floor. Neither of us ever used the huge bath fearing our inability to get out unscathed!
Memories of flooded carpets upstairs have prevented me from trying the upstairs shower it till this morning!
Very gingerly I unrobed and switched it on!
Water shot out at top speed, aiming straight for the door and missing the drain.
I regrouped. The shower head was in the wrong place!
It took three attempts but finally I got it right! The water drained gently into the hole whilst I washed my hair very quickly!
After wards I was filled with an unaccustomed feeling...triumph!
I had done it!
Another landmark on my route through bereavement.
I have reclaimed the upstairs shower!

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Ray Barnes said...

Well done you. I recognise the feeling of triumph when doing something daunting.
My latest (not yet attempted) is to assemble the new vacuum cleaner, a cordless TV advertised one.
The courage has not yet been gathered but it will, please God.