Sunday, 10 April 2016

Visitors abound!

I was up early to do the eight am communion. A quick look up the garden reveals that yet again my benches were blown over in the night!
This weather is becoming very dreary apart from the lovely protected creek which contains our church.
Down there the blossom is intact and glorious in its own sheltered valley.
I have now got to get my head around several visitations over the next days...
The cruise leaving from Falmouth goes on Tuesday. I shall have my binoculars out to see it set sail from my sitting room!
Several people from this parish are booked on it and expect to see me on it I was told this morning...but I have pulled out!
Over the next two days I am expecting several visitors, some I've known for forty years plus some newish friends met on other cruises..
I expect it will all be OK in the end but right now it's looking a bit daunting...
Explaining this to another friend in church this morning I told him that I had people calling in on me almost non stop over the next few days!
"I talk to people" I said in explanation.
He laughed, "Of course you do. You'll cope .A lot of people would be delighted to have that sort of problem! "
He is right of's just a bit daunting when they all turn up at once!

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  1. I'm not that good in a crowd of friends either. I much prefer the smaller gatherings of one or two. More than that, means it's difficult to divide your attentions equally. I do go to larger gatherings occasionally, but not that often.

    The strange thing is that I find the gatherings for Worship completely different - I love them and the noise and buzz of conversation before and after services as people catch up with each other is wonderful. Even funerals, sombre and sad at times and emotionally charged, can be uplifting particularly as I listen to stories told by family or friends, about the person I may never have met. I know that sometimes they try to always give the positive, but the humour and happiness can break and even the most mournful give a wry smile or laugh at the antics of their friend or relative are recounted.

    I've been the Verger for funerals in Church for over a year now - and in that time have ministered for 15 funerals - each different, but all signs of hope.Hope of the eternal resurrection promised for all.