Monday, 4 April 2016

Where two or three!

Worship is different from meetings. The aim is not necessarily to sort things out, to plan, to elect members etc!
Meetings are boring and the church seems to have more than most organisations.
Monday morning meetings are the worst by which you will understand that this is a moan about something I'm trying to get my head round now!
No one warned me that my life as a priest would be punctuated by meetings on all sorts of things...I might have thought twice if they had!
As a young woman I attended political meetings every week for years...then I grew up.
As an adult I avoided as many meetings as possible but now we are back in the run of "essential" meetings to determine policy on all manner of things.
After every one of them I am invariably asked if I can't teach my fellows brevity of speech!
We are blessed with several people who never use one word where ten will do! The more long winded govern people's attention span in a very unfortunate way!
All teachers know that after ten minutes everyone else has switched off leaving just an intent face trying to appear interested and often failing.
Sometimes I try to gage people's reactions to thorny problems by looking at the body language ....I am not the only person who detests meetings I have gathered over the years!
So why do we do it? Especially on Monday mornings?
To impart essential knowledge , to make sure we are all of one mind?
To get consensus on any courses of action debated long and hard in advance?
Well yes I suppose so but the fact is that I still detest meetings and as this becomes all too obvious I try very hard not to let the side down!
So here I am on Monday morning ready for battle, to listen quietly and attentively and just try not to ask any searching questions later because that would add extra minutes onto the time !
I hate meetings! And when they take place on Monday mornings it makes them much much worse!
Moan over!

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  1. Fellow meeting hater here. My 23 years in the Civil Service where daily meetings were held on every subject under the sun, made me allergic to all meetings on any subject.
    Even worse are the meetings where the date of future meetings is the only real subject under discussion.
    Meetings about meetings !!!!
    If it taught me nothing else it taught me how to appear interested (for hours), while being deeply asleep.

  2. I can confirm that the Church does more meetings than the Army - just. We called them O'Groups (Orders Groups) where in theory we would be receiving our instructions for whatever was planned, but they could easily become a 'hot air' meeting if the leader didn't seize control and keep it on topic. Now PCC..... Oh Dear.