Saturday, 7 May 2016


As the results from the various elections come in the usual relief that the media ruminations will now scale down is absent.
We still have another month and a half before the next vote!
All the voices on the radio this morning give very different interpretations of how people voted.
For those hoping that the Labour vote under Jeremy would collapse, there are some slightly peevish voices reluctantly admitting that it didn't.
The election of a Muslim mayor of London who is also Labour is very good news reflecting the tolerance of the people of London in the present world crisis!
My main joy is that the minister for Education has been forced to rescind the threat of forcing all schools into becoming academies. The way she spoke to her audience of head teachers last week was disgraceful, like a very superior mother lecturing her children on their naughtiness .
I suspect that another way will be found to get all schools out of the grip of the local authorities but the present threat of coercion has gone! For now!
The Brexit vote is going to stir up many old conflicts and politicians long gone from the Westminster stage will join in with vigour as the date approaches...
It is already becoming a constant point of debate....I just hope I can stay awake for all of it!

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