Saturday, 28 May 2016

Blair V Corbyn.

Tony Blairs utterances on the subject of Jeremy Corbyn and his chances of election are quite simply sick making.
He describes the election of the present leader of the Labour Party as possibly dangerous if he ever achieved power!
Blair was himself dangerous in the extreme and although there is some realisation of this in his remarks he would surely be better keeping silent on this subject.
He took us into Iraq on the slenderest of pretexts....there were no weapons of mass destruction.!
Until then I had been a solid supporter of him and his party. I have never voted Labour since.
He and Bush created this desperate situation the entire globe now finds itself in. All the young men now in Isis were born of that one massive mistake.
As a very rich man Blair should now go to live in his very expensive home in Barbados...and keep quiet about winning three general elections...this fact pales into insignificance compared to the worlds troubles stemming from the arrogance that assumed that anything he and Bush did would be forgiven once Sadam Husain was toppled from power. He even assumed he would be congratulated for this destruction.
We have no way of knowing how Jeremy Corbyn might conduct himself during an election or what he would do if elected....but we do know that it could not possibly be worse...or more dangerous than what Blair did.

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A thousand Amens.