Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Cheap flights

I have just had an email from Easy Jet asking me where I will be on my birthday!
Is this weird...or just another example of aggressive selling?
Since travelling to Madeira in February I have had an email from Easy Jet at least once a week telling me of very cheap flights around Europe!
This mornings invite tells me my birthday is on the horizon!
I am offered flights from Bristol to Basel or Edinburgh for less than twenty five pounds!
Very tempting obviously! But why?
Have we all forsaken the plane as a means of transport?
Have the appalling incidents of crashed flights reported far too often made us a people who don't want to fly any more?
I have until recently loved flying....it feels like my natural habitat. Now though I prefer sailing.....getting on a large cruiser bound for foreign parts is for me a much preferred option, even when being tempted by fares cheaper than travelling on the train up to London!
I realise that I am fortunate to be able to contemplate travelling in comfort and going to see wonderful places and only having to unpack once!
But on my birthday I will be here, at home voting to stay in Europe and doing a rehearsal for the wedding that weekend...
No flight is possible even if they offer it free!

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