Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Cheap flights

I have just had an email from Easy Jet asking me where I will be on my birthday!
Is this weird...or just another example of aggressive selling?
Since travelling to Madeira in February I have had an email from Easy Jet at least once a week telling me of very cheap flights around Europe!
This mornings invite tells me my birthday is on the horizon!
I am offered flights from Bristol to Basel or Edinburgh for less than twenty five pounds!
Very tempting obviously! But why?
Have we all forsaken the plane as a means of transport?
Have the appalling incidents of crashed flights reported far too often made us a people who don't want to fly any more?
I have until recently loved flying....it feels like my natural habitat. Now though I prefer sailing.....getting on a large cruiser bound for foreign parts is for me a much preferred option, even when being tempted by fares cheaper than travelling on the train up to London!
I realise that I am fortunate to be able to contemplate travelling in comfort and going to see wonderful places and only having to unpack once!
But on my birthday I will be here, at home voting to stay in Europe and doing a rehearsal for the wedding that weekend...
No flight is possible even if they offer it free!

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UKViewer said...

I dislike aggressive selling. Being pestered by companies by phone or email gets my goat.

The fact that you used them once, seems to give them carte blanche to pester you for ever.

Bah humbug.