Saturday, 21 May 2016


I think I've mentioned before that I play online games! Often my opponents are people I know and it's a good way of keeping up with old friends.
Sometimes I branch out....I play backgammon and sometimes cribbage on official sites . Never ever for money...
On the backgammon site over the years I've made friends with people I have never met. Most are Americans but the rest of the world is well represented! One man arranged to bring his wife from Santiago for a renewal of their wedding vows....
It's always pleasant meeting people from different cultures and places and I value these friendships a lot.
Yesterday was very odd. Playing crib , someone started chatting and I did my usual warning off, I was old etc....I do not need to be chatted up on line by strangers!
He persisted...where was I from? Cornwall. "Not St Austell?" he asked....this is about twenty miles away from here.
In further chat we established that we'd lived fairly close to each other in Essex during the nineties.
This was getting weirder by the minute....on this site it's very unusual to find anyone from the UK leave alone a nearby town!
I issued my best warning off line....that I was a very old lady. As this failed to impress I followed it up by the killer....I was a vicar!
No problem was his reaction! "Let's keep in touch!"
I might have to change my screen name!

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