Thursday, 26 May 2016

Daft laughter!

I am trying but failing to be dynamic! There's a lot to do over the next few days but somehow I am letting it all slip by me...I have washing out side which means that there will be ironing soon....
My ironing room is what used to be Davids dressing room! It's the furthest point from the front or back doors so when I'm up there I am always aware that if anyone arrived I would not know...
I got startled last evening when a voice I knew well greeted me from just over one shoulder.
"Lock your doors" was the instruction as she was going!
All of this is why I put a doorbell on my front door! She missed it on her way in so before she went I insisted on playing it for her!
Doubled up with laughter she said..."It's very you Jean"
Hum...not sure if that's good or bad so this morning I press on the front door bell gives a deep booming ding dong which then stops , allowing the Chopin upstairs to be heard....
I admit it is weird but it does the trick...I can be upstairs ironing and know if any person is in the house....providing they press the button!
Well nothing is perfect...I suppose it's idiosyncratic enough to be mine...and it does depend on the person on the door mat having the gumption to press the bell!
It's all just daft!
My new friend greets my pronunciation of that word with laughter...
I have short A's whereas his A's are very long. But daft suits me....what is the point of getting old if you don't have daft things in your life....
And I seem to have more than most....but they all make me laugh, laughter is essential in old age...and there's plenty in mine...thank you God!
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