Thursday, 19 May 2016

Father Jean?

I had a shopping day this week.....its been a long time but the mood took me and off I went...not out to town though, all of it was done on line.
Some stuff for the poor itchy skin on my face as the pollen goes to work on it was the first buy which seemed to open up the flood gates.
I had selling emails from shops I have used before and off I went for a look.
I did buy one or two things but when I got to checking out I noticed that two of the shops thought I was a bloke.
Liberties have always thought I was masculine.
My cards have my name on them. Rev is the usual title so Liberties address me as Father Jean! A different shop today insisted on called me Mr Rolt!
If I'd been buying saws or razor blades I could have understood it but apart from the omelet pan all my buys were fairly obviously feminine!
I know Jean is a name for a chap in France but there are enough of us named
females about here I would have thought!
If I was in a more profligate mood I would go on buying stuff just to see.....but no...the need to collect anything new only arrives infrequently these days!
My big shop yesterday includes a new omelette pan as well as face cream and a new jumper.
Now all I have to do is make sure I'm home when they are due to arrive, dressed in a skirt and blouse just to be sure the delivery men know my sex!
Mr Rolt would not look have looked good in the new jumper!

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  1. I sympathise Jean. Just be grateful your name isn't Ray.
    At the age of 81 I am still having problems with my name every time i register with any new organisation.
    There are times I wish my parents had gone completely mad and called me fairy twinkle toes or sunlight!!

  2. I'd Rev Rolt against their labelling if I were you. :-) :-) :-)

  3. I'd Rev Rolt against their labelling if I were you. :-) :-) :-)

  4. It's a strange thing where in the Anglo-Catholic sphere, female Priests are addressed as the Reverend Mother - whenever I hear that, I expect to turn around and find a Mother Superior of a Religious Order in full Regalia, Wimple and Veil and all.

    Having been in the care of Nuns for five years of my childhood, they still have the ability to strike fear into my heart when I recall the stern discipline that they used to oblige us children, in care, away from their families to follow the rules.

    So, Mother Jean, can we expect to see you fully robed as a Benedictine Dame any time soon? :)