Monday, 30 May 2016

Fun by the sea!

We made the journey into Devon yesterday much faster than setting off before the crowds we arrived at least half an hour earlier than expected.
Yesterday I saw Budleigh Salterton in holiday mode.
The pebbly beach was full of people.....towers had been erected, lots of different shapes built. There were even people swimming! The British are mad as my colonial friend observed or put more simply. "The Poms are mad!'
Today the sky is blue....the sea is greenish and soon I shall be on my second leg to Southampton.
It is very odd getting everything ready to go in someone else's house! I am checking, double checking and triple checking everything!
Strange sounds are alerting me. This is an old house much the same as my ancient farmhouse in Cornwall. I investigate, not certain whether what I'm hearing is normal or not.
Going through the checking in process in Southampton ceased to be traumatic after I'd become a diamond member....David would love the speed at which I am rushed through and admitted!
Our cabins are often not quite ready so off we go to one of the bars.
Tradition has it that my first drink on board is a Long Island Iced tea!
After that I relax, follow a well practiced routine and prepare to be lectured yet again on safety at sea!
The fact that I've heard this lecture dozens of time before does not let me off! I shall need my tea before the end of the day!

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