Saturday, 7 May 2016

Glory all around.

I am up early to do the eight o'clock communion. It's only a few weeks ago that I got ready for that in the dark! Today is sunny and the difference is wonderful!
Pale sunshine enlightens blossom as I go!
The horse chestnut , fully leaved has its white candles already formed.
The pink blossom covers the flowering cherry.
Apple blossom , pear blossom, plum blossom....everything is burgeoning at last!
Down in the churchyard the camellias and the magnolia were just out last week so they will be approaching their glorious best today!
On my husbands grave grow bluebells and primroses, looking out on a creek full of boats preparing for summer!
Nature is a wonderful thing...and today is the first Sunday after Ascension Day.
The glory was indeed all around.  The beautiful weather brought out many more communicants than usual...and as we talked afterwards we realised that the BCP service was the one we'd all grown up which you will understand we were all of an age!  There are days when I do this service that I can hear the voice of Bill Vanstone echoing through my head.!  I know that's fanciful but it does reflect the influence on my life of a truly great man! I hope he's up there laughing!

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