Sunday, 1 May 2016


I watched the clips of Nicky Morgan addressing a gathering of heads teachers with a feeling of total incredulity .
She obviously believes in what she advocates. She clearly believes that any other view than hers is of no does she believe in democracy too?
In those schools choosing not to become part of a multi academy trust the governors and teachers and parents have debated long and hard over years. Not to join is not a whim.
Votes have been taken and as is usual in our democracy the steps indicated have been followed. Many smaller schools have voted to stay with the Local Authorities by a democratic vote.
So how can a Conservative minister think it's all right to use force?
They used to offer large sums of money to schools choosing this route. Now it's just brute force by a woman who clearly felt morally superior to those who actually work at the coal face!
Have any of the present government actually been in a classroom of children on their own with the door closed? How can they lecture those who do it every day ?
Treating the members of a profession working had to keep up with tests, reports and daily data forms to fill in as well as actually teaching the children in front is breathtakingly arrogant!
Making schools advertise Mars bars in their gyms is just one of the sillier commercial arrangements that privatising schools for profit involves.
Whose profit? Not the schools, the teachers and more importantly the children.
Making all schools into Academies whether they want to or not is similar to what happened to the NHS when parts of it were privatised .
There are people waiting to make money standing in the wings....nothing to do with educating our children.
Having seen the video clip of the schools minister lecturing the head teachers as though they were naughty children I feel she was very lucky to get away with a little heckling....
Full marks to those who listened in silent disbelief!

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UKViewer said...

Just like the rest of her party, she is devoured by an ideology of change for business' sake. How can we claw more money from public services to line the pockets of their cronies and supporters.

There is poison in this ideology that victimizes those who disagree with them, which reminds me of those now discredited communist regimes who sought to 'brain wash' their people, through their education system into compliant zombies.

I detest everything that they stand for, and I would even put up with Mr Corbyn and his cronies rather than this lot.