Friday, 20 May 2016

Holiday scams?

This week I have started not to always answer the phone. It has caller recognition so that I can tell if it's a friend or foe!
After David died I found several items that I was unable to account for and phone calls about them worried and mystified me, particularly those from abroad asking me for money!
During this period I resolved never to pick up the phone if the caller display showed "International!"
This has stood me in good stead over the last couple of when I saw this legend yesterday I failed to respond.
When I listened to the message they left me I only understood about one word in twenty!
It ended in a demand that I ring them back straight away.
I didn't!
I must be a very suspicious woman now but it wasn't always like this...when David decided to join some sort of holiday club on one of our Majorcan trips I thought it was a good idea mostly but had no idea how much it cost him.
Only after his death did I realise just how much money was involved. At least two sets of people tried very hard for the first year to get me to respond presumably hoping for more cash from me!
I must be a very suspicious old woman because now given the legend "International " on my phone I just put it down and walk away!
I could be missing out on some wonderful holidays but I don't think so!
Caller identification on the phone is a wonderful thing.....

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