Sunday, 15 May 2016

No TV.....again.

Having arrived home yesterday I spent some time switching things on...the heating, the cooker, the washing machine.
One thing resolutely refused to be switched television.
Pressing all the switches it stayed glimmer came from its screen. It was off again!
This is the second time I've come home to a sulking TV.
Last time it was the ariel which had been detached.
The back of my TV is a complete mystery to me....leads go in every direction so despite my feeling around a bit last night it stayed resolutely off.
The only person to have been in my house last week was my cleaner, a woman I admire!
She has been told not to attempt to clean around the back of the machine by David as well as by me ......
So I rang her last night.....she denied having even flicked her feather duster over it!
So it is a mystery..and a very annoying one. Not because I missed the Eurovision Song Contest last night...that could only be counted a blessing by all accounts.....
But everything I left to record in my absence won't be there....and if nothing was recorded all week like last time then the blame lies fairly on my cleaner who arrives on Monday morning!
In this day of being able to get TV programs on our iPads it's really not the end of the world....but it's still frustrating , especially as the aerial man can't get here till Tuesday!
Double arghhhh!
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