Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Since getting back from Devon last week life here at TregearVean has resumed its aura of normality.
The shrikes or the chaffinches seem to have longer have I got birds hurtling at my windows.
I can leave my car under the phone line safely. It is not covered with white poo every morning!
I have cleaned all the mess off the front door too!
The toad pond is up and running though as yet no baby toads have had to be rescued!
All in all Spring in all its glory is proving lovely.
Small hiccups along the way are mostly to do with neighbours...
I don't have many of those.
In this small group of homes there are just four houses!
Two of the owners of these are not here full time. They come and go!
The rest of us rub along fine for the most part...they are young whereas I am old....but there is enough space between us for this not to be a problem.
I have twice now dashed out to stop the little ones on bikes from going out onto the road where cars tear along at great speed because they don't know we are here! My fir hedge runs along and hides us from the motorists very well!
But I have to keep my eyes open .
Normality here now is different than it was before David and my dog Crispin died...but I am getting used to it. There are days when I relish it!
I no longer walk around deep in grief....but I do walk a lot and notice a lot too!
So be it Lord...normality changes from one season to the next...but it can never be over estimated...I like "normal" but then I am an old woman!

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