Saturday, 21 May 2016

Pollen problems!

I had a slightly balmy day this week , not an unusual event some might think but this was born of need! The need to find some way of getting rid of the red patches on my face!
Not a pretty sight combined with the sneezing and coughing!
I have never had facial eczema before and it was itchy and blotchy. Using a steroid cream is not recommended for the face so off I went to look to see what was available.
A lot is the simple answer!
Rescue creams, regenerating creams, soothing balms, they were all there!
I had no idea where to start with this one . I never wear makeup these days so I didn't need the ones that leave the face soft after cleansing!
Obviously I was attracted to the unguents that promised eternal youth...well that's what it said on the box!
In the end I found a couple that sounded OK. They were herbal and promised immediate results.
Yesterday I tore open the packaging on arrival to find that included with the order were several free gifts in minute sizes...
After the first application the redness did subside! But maybe that was because it was raining!
If they all do what it says on the tin I am about to be reborn!
The best thing I think was the one that gives protection from the sun whilst soothing and regenerating....I have to wear skin block now but apart from a couple of days last week there has been no necessity !
The whole commercial skin business has move on since I last investigated it. Fingers crossed that I chose well!

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  1. I really hope you have the right formula Jean. As a fellow sufferer who has tried almost everything on offer I*would say if you have found something which does the trick, keep a supply in hand for future attacks.
    This year I have escaped so far. Not holding my breath.

  2. I suffer pollen allergies, and also get angry spots or blemishes - I used to be given steroid cream for them, until the doctors realised the skin thinning action of them. So, now I have a mild antiseptic cream from a supermarket, which seems to work much better than the stuff recommended by the doctor, but not supplied on presciption