Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Roaming in Devon!

It is a beautiful morning in Devon as opposed to yesterday when it was dark and damp!
Since my last visit here wifi has been installed...so I can in theory get my stuff posted...eventually...fingers crossed.
This house has lovely views out to sea and today it's flat and calm.
A trip up the coast to Lyme Regis has been mooted..a place I've only been to once before during the long drive home from Cornwall to Essex. Apparently it's about an hours drive away! But worth it I think.
I could spend quite a lot of time in the garden here which is on three levels and contains ancient cedars. Flowering pants stand braced against the wind and are full of colour right now! I can identify most things but one or two plants are new to me so next time I will bring one of my flower books!
If there is a next time of course!
As we get older planning for the future brings uncertainty. We hope we will be here to enjoy things up the line but always there is the knowledge that nothing in life is guaranteed.
The beach here is pebbly and reminds me of the beach at Barry Island which was ok to sit on if you took a cushion with you! There is always the option of making holes to sit in but I fear I've got too old for that!
Sitting in a car is still a good option though and the little villages and lanes we have to drive through to reach Dorset are enchanting...
Another blessing for which I thank God daily!

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  1. I love the 'deliberate' mistake Jean. Please re-read:-)

    1. Ooops. I will leave the flowering pants braced against the wind.....I feel it's earned it's place!

  2. Yes, underwear always deserves to be aired