Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sun glasses!

Last Monday I set off to go from Cornwall to Devon. I had organised a pleasant young man to pick me up and take me, wimping out of the drive on unfamiliar roads.
It was a darkish morning to start with but got sunny after about half an hour. I searched through my various bags for sunglasses. None were found!
I have no reflexes in one of my eyes following a small stroke when I was a young woman.
This was very lucky...I realised then . Many people suffer much worse effects. But it has meant that sunglasses are for me a necessity not a fashion accessory .
I explain to people as I go along that even when there is no sun, bright weather is painful without my glasses....
We had got too far to go back so I spent the next hour and a half trying to keep my eyes closed.
Despite this I ended with tears streaming down my cheeks every time I tried to see our route.
This meant an immediate explanation when we arrived . I was glad to see my friend....I wasn't actually weeping.
With great chivalry he immediately took me straight away to the nearest optician. There I purchased two new pairs of sun glasses...
All was then well!
Back at home now the new pairs have joined the others in a large bowl in the hall. As I go I pick up a pair even on dull days...another pair live in my car...
I haven't counted recently but there are enough to shield the eyes of a small class!
Wearing sun glasses is for me a daily thing....even bright weather actually hurts. Various doctors have told me that in time the reflex would return but it never has!
It's still good fortune though. It could have been much worse!
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