Thursday, 12 May 2016

The good shepherd.

We did get to Lyme Regis yesterday! It was ......interesting. My friend had booked a table at a well known fish restaurant with an excellent reputation. He'd been before but knew that the walk from the car park to it was a little too much for him so he asked for the number of the local taxi. The plan was to park, ring for a taxi and get to the the place high on the cliffs!
It didn't quite work out!
We drove through the town filled with visitors and parked. Plan A meant that we then rang for the our astonishment the taxi man said he was already there. We looked up and a taxi sped towards us. It contained a young man who seemed to be looking out for us.
He waited whilst I went to look for the machine to pay for the parking. I walked a fair way to the machine. It said I had to put in the number of the car! I didn't know the number so walked back to write it down! The young taxi driver was apologising profusely to his next appointment over the phone . He was going to be late!
He took us a fairly long way to the restaurant and was sorry but he wouldn't be able to take us back. He was definitely the hero of the hour!
We never knew how he came to be there as it was the wrong car park anyway!
At the restaurant with wonderful views over Lyme Bay I had a good meal. My friend didn't. His failed dismally on several counts. And it was pouring down.
Our promised taxi was half an hour late but we did finally get back to the car park to start wending our way back again through crowded streets.
The rain lifted . The bright green of the trees was offset by the smokey shades of bluebell along all the verges. The ride home was glorious.
My friend is still apologising but in fact it was a great day.
And we met the good shepherd in the shape of the helpful young taxi driver. He made up for all the rest!

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