Friday, 13 May 2016


I go home this morning. It's been an interesting few days. Every trip out revealed glorious Spring colour along rural lanes with pretty old cottages emerging from their winter gloom.
The primroses are over , the bluebells reign supreme.
I was happy to see Valerian in gardens here. I thought It might be confined to Cornwall. It's pretty pink flowers are found along every lane in every crevice back home and for me it's the symbol of clean air. Although mostly pink it can be a deeper red and all shades in between to pale pink.
The Romans introduced this plant when they occupied Britain and it is a very important medicinal plant.
Its roots make the ointment nard, found being used at the supper Jesus spent with Mary and Martha as his feet were washed and soothed and his body prepared for death.
It's a very ancient plant and is still used today for its healing properties and it's scent.
I have lots in my garden at home and my gardener now knows it's not to be treated as a it grows everywhere!
Here too in deepest Devon it seems.
My world is getting smaller!

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Porchester Labour 2015 said...

Whilst Valerian may look pretty, it is very invasive. I first noticed some about 5yrs ago, at the bottom of someone's hedge 3/4 mile away. Now it is everywhere and difficult to remove as it spreads its seeds like a dandelion and has a long tap root. Flipping Romans, bringing there weeds over here. :-( :-( :-(