Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Wifi stuff.

We didn't get to Dorset yesterday. Visitors arrived here before we could put our plan into action! Today is grey and damp. A quick look at the weather forecast says it's going to be like that all day!
Wifi in this house is proving fairly easy providing I'm in the right place! The router is at the back of the house and fails to reach the front so I have to set up my various devices within reach.....which means frequent trips to the dining room....
It means though that I now appreciate my own system as never before. At home I have wifi in every room!
The trusty iPhone uses 4G and that gets me on line when all else fails...
We are in a whole new learning curve here.
I am following the news though I miss my radio in every room as I get myself organised in the morning. We do though get a newspaper!
David used to go into the village every morning for his paper until I had to do the driving . We were too far out to have a regular delivery but they made an exception in his case!
Here the paper sits in the hall but only after nine o'clock!
Getting used to someone else's routine is interesting...and I am astonished to find that being able to chat on line, blog and generally keep up with everyone and everything else is now essential to my well being...
My new friend finds the whole thing a puzzle but the grocery order we did yesterday duly arrived in the evening as planned so for no other reason than that he approves!

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  1. Perhaps he needs a wifi repeater in the front of the house. I have one, which connects to my mobile broadband connector downstairs and I have wifi upstairs.