Saturday, 18 June 2016

A Poignant funeral.

Today I have a funeral. I've never done a Saturday funeral before...
The dead man and his wife are people I've known since the eighties...
They lived quite close to me in Portscatho and were there in the little chapel last summer when I married their nephew.
We go back a long way!
They are sending someone to transport me to the crematorium which is very kind. David always used to drive me there.
But this is the first time for me in that chapel since it was David lying in the coffin.
After the service the wake is going to be held in the delightful little pub on the banks of the estuary where David and I often sat and contemplated our good fortune with a glass of something cheering in our hands!
This day is going to be a challenge in many different ways but it's not something I could duck!
It's another step along my path .
Dealing with death, weddings and christenings are a privilege. Over the years doing all those things for families makes the priest almost an extra member of the family. And so it is with this one.
I will know almost everyone there...greeting old friends with joy, not grief sets me on a new I am at home with...
Thank you God.

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