Thursday, 30 June 2016

Ageing gracefully?

In the last year I have aged at least ten. A year ago I had few grey hairs, almost no wrinkles and could still walk long distances and swim.
Now I force myself out to at least walk short distances on the well worn principle of use it or lose it!
It's not that I am grieving.....I still weep for my husband and my children at times but my normal daily life is not bound by dark memories. Rather I am active, I love all the travelling I am still able to do and living here in Cornwall gives me well loved places to visit and be happy in.
I do miss my dogs and know that this gap in my life could be filled easily but that would curtail my cruising....and right now that's important to me.
Having a travelling companion is also a boon...and we talk several times a day on the phone as we plan our forthcoming trips together. We even occasionally agree on politics which right now is a blessing in this disconcerting world.
I am in every way a very fortunate woman...but I am ageing at a fairly rapid rate.
I have avoided visiting the doctors since he sent me off to have my wart removed which is now labelled "skin cancer"
I don't spend much time thinking about this but it has changed my summer habits. I no longer sit in the sun. I wear long sleeves and big hats....
This year the eczema has arrived on my face which doesn't help much but I am also aware of a tendency to stoop, have round shoulders and turn one foot fact I am starting to look like my dad....which is not good.
I suspect other acquaintances might say my mental faculties are not good either...but I am comforted by the fact that it happens to us all....sometimes finding the right word takes minutes!
All of this started when I saw that an old friend had died whilst I was away...
No one answers her phone now or replies to my emails...but as she was a best selling author there was her obituary to find.
She used to complain she was aging too....
All of this is not as depressing as it sounds....death is only another step into the unknown...and I enjoy travelling!

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