Friday, 3 June 2016


Tomorrow we land in the wonderful , wonderful Copenhagen. My friends mother being Danish he knows quite a lot about it....he's been before!
Our present captain is going and being replaced by Inger, the very efficient lady captain who is regarded by us all as a very good thing....small things have been going wrong during all the time we've been on board!
Problems with the Internet have taken central stage today.
They have changed the system...what worked in the old system fails miserably in the new one.
I learned a long time ago that it was best to post the blog in the very early morning before the whole ship wakes up so I had logged on at around seven am.
Going for breakfast at nine I assumed that I had succeeded in logging off only to find a whole lot of emails waiting for me after lunch.
This spoiled my afternoon sleep when I realised that I was still connected. It was a very expensive mistake.
Off I went to be told that after the words "log off" I should always put dot com! Ha!
They did refund my time though so the new system redeemed itself.
This morning I see that in fact nothing was resolved yesterday. The system is still hopeless.
We are just gliding steadily through the green water to land in Copenhagen. We are booked on a coach tour....lets hope something is working!

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