Monday, 27 June 2016

Getting the act together!

In the middle of apparent chaos I am going to have a day of paperwork, paying bills and catching up with my life.
The need to bring order to chaos is very strong in me just now....
It's the first day since I arrived back in this country when I do not need to wear the dog collar....I am not aware that anyone is going to call on me .
I have plans to go no further than a post box....
An admin day will,suit my mood perfectly....there have to be some aspects of life that I can control!
Listening to the voices of the world on my radio this morning I understand that other people in other places are also feeling the need for order, for direction, for purpose....
There are those who seek to benefit personally from our present situation and those who will jump on any passing bandwagon...
Politicians of all colours are not well applauded right's the politicians who have brought us to this quagmire of uncertainty.
Trying to find solid ground to stand on is what is driving me to my office to sort out the paperwork!
The need for reconciliation and peace arrived yesterday in an email from the bishops...we used it in church but more rhetoric right now feels wrong, like sticking a plaster on a gaping wound.
Action is for me the best antidote , even if the action is only sorting out my bills, sending greeting cards, replying to the messages left on my machine in my absence...
The world turns and we all turn with it....may we arrive in a place of peace soon and then some joy soon would not go amiss!

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  1. Your blog provided us with valuable information to work with. Each & every tip of your post is awesome

  2. The reality and enormity of #Brexit is just starting to hit home too many of us. But the conduct of those who glorified the win, particularly Mr Farage and the consequences of prejudice and discrimination being felt by many across the country is disgraceful.

    We have to live in hope, that this huge change will be handled by politicians and the wider community with compassion for those hurt by it and with a light touch with a full and proper debate on what sort of country we want to be - one that is open hearted and welcoming or an isolated, inward looking Island, on the fringes of Europe. My prayers are for the first of these.