Sunday, 19 June 2016

Getting old!

Gosh I am tired!
Yesterday was wonderful though sad. Old friends greeted each other as well as me and the wake was simply wonderful.
But today I am tired.
A colleague has retired in a church several villages away and I am happy to help out...
I used to do all these things easily...with joy and providing there is space between events I still can but now age has finally caught up with me!
I just want to sleep and as the service is not till eleven I can a bit...
I can now for the first time see why the normal retirement age is 70 and I am well past that!
Tomorrow I have ashes to bury in the churchyard near to the home of the man whose funeral was yesterday....the crematorium must be working weekends!
There are then some quieter days before I marry someone next Saturday.
I may sleep rather a lot!
If I seem to be grumbling here I am is a privilege to be able to do what I do even at my age. .... I hope to go on doing them till I eventually drop from my perch, but not yet Lord..not yet!

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