Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Life on board is settling into the usual pattern. After being advised yesterday that I was not on the ships computer at all I seem to have been allowed to join the human race again this morning!
We are moored in Hamburg. The journey up the Elbe was in the dark and whilst we were all eating and drinking!
Today I am doing a "snapshot" of the city...which will give me a bit of a clue . It's really just a coach trip around but the driver will inform us as we go...
There are a lot of Germans on board and some have flown to Heathrow to join the Queen Elizabeth and will disembark today...they had just one day of cruising but seemed delighted with the whole trip!
We are making friends as we go. Our table is settling down nicely as we get to know each other...we can now understand the Scottish ladies !
We talk to everyone we meet. This is the joy of cruising....some fascinating stories are emerging...and we are all very different.

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