Thursday, 2 June 2016

First day out!

Life on board this ship just gets more and more weird!
Yesterday morning I set off to go out. As I reached the point of disembarkation I was asked for my passport. I hadn't got it. Usually the card we are given to open our cabin door is enough but the German authorities were adamant! I went back to my cabin...A long way from the exit.
By the time I got back I was sure they would have gone without me!
They hadn't. They had waited for me so settling next to a man in the front seat off we went.
My companion needed help to get to his wheel chair when we reached our first stop...this was no problem so we got on well!
We drove through lots of crowded streets finding water ways everywhere. It is a lovely .
Ending up near a church we went in to listen to an organ concert!
St Michaels was beautiful....possessing four organs. The sound rose from every angle. It was amazing.
This was the church where the elder Bach played the organ. His boys clearly learned from him.
Hamburg was simply beautiful....the waterways crossing the city reminding me of Venice!
It was disconcerting though to be reminded that forty percent of the buildings had been bombed during the us of course.....
Today we have a sea day...when hopefully I was be able to relax...its been all go so far!

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